Enschede: Where the future starts again, every day.

By Denise van de Kraak, Efficient Hotel Partner, 20 April 2017

Image 1: The city Enschede / Source: Google Images

Enschede is a textile city, university town and the city of FC Twente & Grolsch beer. Overall, a city with a story. There is much to tell about Enschede. About how it once was, stories that where told generation to generation. Everyone in in this city adheres to the personal sentimental value of these stories.

Enschede - Veldpoot
Image 2: Veldpoot / Source: Wikipedia

Enschede, with 160,000 inhabitants, is the urban heart in the east of The Netherlands. Compared with the year it was founded (1800), the city was a bit different with 4,000 inhabitants. At that time, Enschede knew a canal and two entrances. The contours of one of those gates is still visible in one of the oldest streets: Marktstraat. Today many of the inhabitants walk on the memorial without realizing that there was the Veldpoort in that same place. What stands out, is that this city has very few older buildings. This is due to disasters that occurred; the town was hit by three fires. One pivotal fire was the 1862 fire, which represented a real turning point in history. The whole town burned down.

Today, the city is worth discovering. A bustling, vibrant and energetic city. Enschede is a city where people are seen standing together. A city with a wide range in the fields of art, culture and entertainment. With surprising architecture and a beautiful city centre with terraces. A city of knowledge, talent and entrepreneurial spirit. From students to seniors, Enschede offers to all residents, a good quality of life. The city also is surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Twente.

Enschede is a nice shopping town, with the most diverse range in the east of The Netherlands. The weekly market attracts visitors from around the region and across the German border. The town has a lot to offer for shopping. A nice mix of department stores, boutiques and restaurants. Here you can find everything you need in terms of fashion, gadgets, interior and lifestyle. Het H.J. van Heekplein is the largest square, with a rich and diverse range of shops. Right under the square is the largest underground car park of the Netherlands, which provides direct access to downtown. The stunning architecture makes a visit to Klanderij worthwhile.

Enschede - Muziekkwartier
Image 5: Nationaal Muziekkwartier / Source: Muziekkwartier.nl

The city has a strong musical tradition. Music is found at the very heart of the city. For music lovers there is plenty to choose from; pop to classical, rock to house, soul to jazz. The musical infrastructure is of a high calibre, with the National Muziekkwartier in which six music institutions working together. Enschede is the home to the Symphony Orchestra and the Dutch Touring Opera.

There is a complete range of recreation, entertainment and leisure. It is is an active city. That is reflected in the number of sports and leisure accommodations; scuba diving, water skiing, bowling, karting, skating to canoeing. Enschede is one of the greenest cities in the Netherlands. There are many parks in the city supported by former textile producers. For anyone looking to relax and leave the city behind, nature is always close.

Here’s some facts about Enschede:

  • It is the largest city in Overijssel.
  • Enschede is located in the Twente region, where you can experience everything.
  • Enschede comes from ‘An Die Schede’, probably referred to a marshy border area.
  • The city knows the second oldest marathon of Europe and the oldest marathon of the Netherlands: the marathon of Enschede.
  • With a few kilometres from Germany, there is good train connection to our eastern neighbours.

For anyone who have ever been to Enschede, please leave your comment behind and tell your greatest adventure during your trip. Are there missing some important facts in my blog? I can use your information and help clients from Efficient Hotel Partner find their venue.


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