Groningen, Netherlands
Groningen surroundings – Sourced from: Google Images

Undiscovered treasures hidden in the city of Groningen

By Kimberley Hoevers, Efficient Hotel Partner, 30 August 2017

Groningen is a famous place to visit for people from all over the world. Why? Because of the fact that there are restaurants, clubs and bars hidden in the city centre that make Groningen a place to stay and love. A place that I visited once, while staying in the north of the Netherlands. Although going out is not really one of my favourite things to do, I decided to go on an adventure to push my own limits and to discover things I had not yet experienced.

Groningen, Netherlands
Groningen after battle WW2 – Sourced from: Wikipedia

Groningen or Grunn is the main city of the Dutch province Groningen and is the biggest core in the municipality of Groningen. It is the biggest city of the north of Holland and the seventh largest city of the Netherlands. On September 1st of 2014 the city reached a milestone with 200,000 inhabits. As Hanseatic city Groningen was part of the North-German trade network. During the Second World War Groningen was destroyed because of the battle between the Canadians and German soldiers. A picture of how the city looked after this battle is presented on the right.

Groningen is a city where architecture meets a modern state of art. A city where people from all over the world come together to enjoy a nice drink at a famous bar or restaurant.

With this blog, I want to inspire others to visit Groningen by sharing my impression gained during my stay in this outrageous and interesting city. As mentioned before Groningen is a city that offers many different restaurants, clubs and bars. Small food and drink treasures hidden in the city centre. Places that need to be discovered. Places that touch all your senses. Worthwhile places to visit once in a lifetime.

5 of the most famous and visited restaurants, clubs and bars in the city centre of Groningen:

  1. Het Feest (The Party)

    Groningen, Netherlands
    Het Feest – Sourced from: Google Images

    In the middle of the nightlife centre of Groningen at de Peperstraat (Pepperstreet) Het Feest is located. De Peperstraat is a well-known street in the city centre of Groningen that offers various clubs and bars. Het Feest a place where people come together to enjoy a typical Dutch party with lots of beer and other alcoholic drinks. Sing along with the greatest hits of past and present while having a beer at de turntable of the pub. Do you also love to sing along, dance and enjoy a big party with many other human beings? Take a look at Het Feest and dance all night long.

  2. Drie Gezusters (Three Sisters) This is the most well known club of Groningen. It is a unique place where three parts flow into one another: De Groote Griet, de Drie Gezusters and Hoppe. In these three parts there is always a big party with many visitors from all over the world. In the Drie Gezusters ‘upstairs’ there is a turntable, a Tiki cocktailbar, a Jägerbar and a wooden cabin. You can do whatever you want while having a beer or glass of wine. Because this location is rather larger you have to keep from getting lost.
  3. Chupitos
    The only shooters bar blown over from Amsterdam to Groningen. When you are looking for a student pub it is a good idea to visit Chupitos. It is a shooter and cocktail heaven. A place where you can enjoy almost everything. With the hip décor and ambiance inside the building and cool music coming out of the speakers it is a nice place to have a sweet or sour drink while enjoying your night out with friends or family.
  4. Wereldburgers (world of burgers)
    Groningen, Netherlands
    Restaurant Wereldburgers – Sourced from: Google Images

    Hamburger restaurant Wereldburgers opened her doors in 2013. Wereldburgers stands for good, responsible and inexpensive food in a relaxed ambiance. Besides the lovely and delicious burgers they also sell wedges and homemade salads. All ingredients used are homemade and pure. The restaurant is situated in the city centre of Groningen close to the famous Vismarkt (fish market). This cozy restaurant where meat is the main ingredient is  worthwhile to visit whether you stay in Groningen or you are just there to have a nice dinner while passing the city.

  5. Tosti World
    Groningen, Netherlands
    Tosti World Groningen – Sourced from: Google Images

    Groningen offers a restaurant that is soooooo cool! The name of the restaurant is Tosti World and it means that they have a menu with different kinds of toast. Ingredients like garlic spread, tomato, ham, bacon, cheese, hot chicken, cucumber, French cheese, mango chutney and honey can be picked to create a delicious tosti. A tosti that you do not eat on a regular or normal day but only whilst you’re staying in Groningen. You have to visit Tosti World and once you entered the restaurant you will find it difficult to choose and when to stop eating. Yes it is a guilty pleasure to visit this restaurant but it is really worth it! Click on the following link to enjoy the menu of this interesting and unique restaurant in the city centre: Menu Tosti World

Groningen, Netherlands
Eierbal/Egg ball – sourced from: Google Images

Fun fact: Groningen sells egg balls. It is something the city is well known and rather famous for.  It is a crunchy meatball with an egg in it. Thursday the 30th of March 2017 the egg ball or eierbal (pronounced as aaierbal) has been declared as cultural heritage of The Netherlands. I have to be honest that the combination between eggs and meat don’t invite me to grab an egg ball while visiting this beautiful city. Do you dare to try it? Please when you do… tell me all about it in the comments below!

Groningen is an amazing place and worth visiting. A place to discover once in a lifetime. A place where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Are you ready to explore the city yourself? Contact Efficient Hotel Partner. We can organize or plan your trip to Groningen so you can enjoy an overnight stay in one of the beautiful or cozy hotels the city offers.

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