By Jennifer Hohepa-Lam and Tim van der Pas, Efficient Hotel Partner, 4 August 2017

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Image 1: Airplaine seat / Source: Fortune

Judge orders FAA to examine shrinking airline seats
The Flyers Rights passenger group challenged the Federal Aviation Administration in court after the agency rejected its request to write rules governing seat size and the distance between rows of seats. A three-judge panel for the federal appeals court in Washington said the FAA had relied on outdated or irrelevant tests and studies before deciding that seat spacing was a matter of comfort, not safety. The judges sent the issue back to the FAA and said the agency must come up with a better-reasoned response to the group’s safety concerns. These travel hacks from Skyscanner will show you how to get the best seats in the house – or the airplane – on your next vacation.

How to get best airplane seats on your next vacation
These travel hacks from Skyscanner will show you how to get the best seats in the house – or the airplane – on your next vacation. Know your priorities; it is good to know whether it is extra legroom, less noise, or safety that is paramount in your travel priorities as these will impact the choice of seat you make. Do your own thing; stay out of the competition and try picking an aisle seat in an odd numbered row. Figure it out; use websites such as seatexpert or seatguru. An early check-in gets the worm; the earlier you check in, the higher your chances are of grabbing your choice of seat. Be nice; a smile can get you a better seat. Hack the system; leave an empty seat between two members of your party.

Teenager jumps out of plane as it lands
Passengers on a flight to San Francisco were stunned when a 17-year-old boy opened an exit door on the plane and jumped onto the wing just minutes after it landed. Witnesses claimed the teenager was in emotional distress during Copa Airlines Flight 208 from Panama City, Panama, to San Francisco when it landed in California last Tuesday. The teenager reportedly jumped out of his seat, opened the door, slid onto the wing and eventually jumped to the tarmac where he was confronted by an airfield construction crew working nearby. The workers held the boy until police arrived on the scene and placed him under arrest.

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Image 2: 2017 Hurricane Season / Source:

Active 2017 hurricane season is still on the horizon
Insurance company APRIL Travel Protection is warning Caribbean travellers that meteorologists believe the 2017 hurricane season could be potentially devastating. APRIL Travel Protection recommends that tourists visiting the Atlantic region during the period should protect their travel investment and monitor weather patterns closely. The Global Whether Oscillations predicted that this year will be “the most dangerous in 12 years,” and others like the NOAA Climate Prediction Center and The Weather Company agree it will be an above-normal hurricane season.

Zika virus has faded, but should not be forgotten
While travellers are now viewing terrorism and political unrest among the top negative factors when planning a trip, tourists should still remain just as vigilant about the Zika virus as we head into the time of year when last year’s outbreak started to gain notoriety. Tourists are encouraged to continue exercising caution when booking travel to regions where the Zika virus has been prevalent, especially women who are thinking about conceiving. Mosquitoes are less prevalent during the fall and winter months, but experts say the end of winter and early spring is when the insects become more active, which increases the likelihood of Zika virus transmission.

Trending - Ryugyong Hotel
Image 3: Ryugyong Hotel / Source: Wikipedia

North Korea’s ‘Hotel of Doom’ could finally be opened after 30 years
North Korea’s ‘Hotel of Doom’ might finally be opening its doors 30 years after construction started in 1987. The futuristic looking Ryugyong Hotel has stood unfinished due to stop and start construction which has seen it branded the world’s tallest unoccupied building. But the hotel in the capital Pyongyang showed signs of life last week as the walls surrounding it were removed, two walkways unveiled and a huge ‘Rocket Power Nation’ sign erected outside.



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