By Jennifer Hohepa-Lam and Tim van der Pas, Efficient Hotel Partner, 17 August 2017

Trending - Hurricane Harvey
Image 1: Hurricane Harvey / Source: Nasa

How Hurricane Harvey became so destructive
Hurricanes are essentially large weather engines fuelled by the warm waters of the ocean below. The mind-boggling amount of rainfall during Harvey is a function of the storm sitting by the Gulf of Mexico and continuing to draw moisture directly from it. Rising global temperatures warm the oceans, which causes more water to evaporate into the atmosphere. The build-up of moisture in turn contributes to the global increase in extreme rainfall. We thought, perhaps, the name was a derivative from the hit television show ‘Suits’ due to its destructive nature. We learned however that there is a system to naming hurricanes.

Barcelona attack: Death toll rises to 16 as German woman dies
The death toll from the recent terror attacks in Spain has risen to 16, as a German woman has died from the injuries she suffered in Barcelona. The woman (51) died on Sunday in the intensive care unit of Barcelona’s Hospital del Mar. More than 120 people were wounded. Authorities say 24 remain in hospital, five in a critical condition.

Trending - In flight meals
Image 2: Monarch’s Mood Food Box / Source: Lonely Planet

Ease your travel stress and fly healthier
One airline is hoping that a few mood- and immune system-boosting snacks on your next flight could help get your holiday off to a good start. UK-based Monarch has introduced a new take on traditional plane food, with a ‘Monarch Mood Food’ box snack-box. The box contains food designed to reduce the stress of travellers, using ingredients like Echinacea, green tea and lavender.

10 biggest hotel headlines of a busy summer 2017
While we’ve come to assume that summer is a bit of a slower season news-wise — a time to savour the favourable weather outside, and take a vacation — that’s not what the hospitality industry was up to this year. Indeed, this summer, beginning in June and lasting through Labor Day, there was plenty of activity, whether in the form of spinoffs and acquisitions, battles between companies, data breaches, and brand launches. Here’s a summary of the biggest hotel stories to emerge this summer, and hints of what to expect once we enter the fall.

Trending - Tea
Image 3: Catherine of Braganza / Source: BBC

The true story behind England’s tea obsession
Tea is so utterly English, such an ingrained part of the culture, that it’s also ingrained in how everyone else around the world perceives that culture. Travel back in time to 1662, when Catherine of Braganza (daughter of Portugal’s King John IV) won the hand of England’s newly restored monarch, King Charles II. When she relocated up north to join King Charles, she is said to have packed loose-leaf tea as part of her personal belongings.

Britain’s hospitality industry is booming
The hospitality industry is in the midst of a sweet spot, thanks in no small part to the Brexit-driven crash in the pound’s value. Staff shortages threaten to bring the boom to a juddering halt. If those free-spending foreign tourists can’t get served at restaurants, or have their rooms cleaned, or order a drink at a bar, they won’t be back in a hurry.

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