By Jennifer Hohepa-Lam and Kemal Trbovic, Efficient Hotel Partner, 8 September 2017

Trending - Irma
Image 1: Path of Hurricane Irma / Source: Telegraph

Deadly Hurricane Irma tears path through Caribbean as Florida evacuates
Hurricane Irma is continuing to tear a deadly path through the Caribbean, causing widespread destruction and reducing buildings to rubble, on a track that could lead to a catastrophic strike on Florida. The American state is bracing for the arrival of the Atlantic’s most deadly storm in history, which has already left at least 13 people dead, with thousands homeless. Emergency chiefs warn it will have a “truly devastating” impact on the US. Late on Thursday, the National Hurricane Center issued the first hurricane warning for the Keys and parts of South Florida, including some of the Miami metropolitan area of 6 million people.

Trending - Jose
Image 2: Path Hurricane Jose / Source: Express

Hurricane Jose: Second major storm follows hot on heels of Hurricane Irma
Emergency attempts to reach Caribbean island communities devastated by Hurricane Irma could be affected by a second major storm threatening the region. Hurricane Jose is expected to follow a similar path when it arrives over the weekend. The category one storm is currently building in intensity in the north Atlantic, around 900 miles east of the Lesser Antilles where the island of Barbuda saw catastrophic damage on Wednesday. Jose currently has winds of about 85mph, but will likely bypass land, according to the French weather service.

Earthquake of magnitude 8.1 strikes off Mexico’s Pacific coast
An earthquake, described by Mexico’s president as the country’s strongest in a century, has struck off the southern coast, killing at least six people. One person also died in neighbouring Guatemala, its president has said. The quake, measured at 8.1 by the US Geological Survey but higher by Mexico, struck in the Pacific, about 87km (54 miles) south-west of Pijijiapan. A tsunami warning has been issued for Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama and Honduras. The quake was felt in Mexico City, with buildings swaying and people running into the street. The tremors there, about 1,000km from the epicentre, were reported to have lasted up to a minute.

Kate Middleton and Prince William break 58-year royal tradition
Kate Middleton and Prince William will be introducing a brother or sister to Prince George and Princess Charlotte in 2018. However, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy news has broken an important royal tradition. Kate and Will are the first royal couple in 58 years to have a third child, protocol says that those in line for the throne should only have two children. The Queen herself has four children – Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward – but none of her children have gone on to have more than two.

Trending - Pink chocolate
Image 3: Pink chocolate / Source: Yahoo

Chocolate gets first addition to color palette in 80 years: Ruby
A breakthrough by a Swiss chocolate maker expands the industry’s hues beyond just dark, milk and white. It took more than 80 years to come up with a new color of chocolate. Barry Callebaut came up with the new fruity flavor ‘’ruby chocolate’’. The new product should boost sales in a struggling global chocolate market, especially for next Valentine’s Day. Innovations in chocolate often take years of developing, because of the complex structures and the challenge of maintaining texture and taste. According to the CEO of Barry Callebaut, the innovation, based on a special type of cocoa bean that comes from the Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Brazil, comes after a decade of developing. The unusual color is created by the powder extracted during processing.

Virgin Atlantic installs WI-FI on its entire fleet
Going online will cost between £2.99 and £14.99, depending on the journey and package purchased. Although Wi-Fi has been relatively normal on domestic carriers, it has been a challenge to find good connections for long flights, such as crossing the Atlantic. This is because the signal cannot come from the ground, but must be transmitted to the aircraft from satellites. According to the Executive Vice President of Virgin Atlantic, Mark Anderson, a traveler of the airline said: ‘’From today, customers flying around the world with Virgin Atlantic can work and play throughout their flight as we become the first airline in Europe to offer a fully Wi-Fi enabled connection.’’

Tredning - Price Tracker
Image 4: Beta price tracker / Source: Metro

New tool will warn you when train tickets are about to go up in price
Did you ever want to book a train ticket, and the price suddenly increased the moment you wanted to book? A new tool from Trainline could put an end to surprise bills – by predicting when fares are about to go up. Data scientist have used billions of customer journeys searches, historical pricing trends and are able to predict when the price of an advance ticket will increase. Most of the providers release tickets around 12 weeks before a journey, but the price usually increases as demand grows and time passes. Meaning it can be costly to delay purchases.

KLM krijgt als een van de eerste een zakelijk WhatsApp-account
Miljoenen Nederlanders gebruiken WhatsApp als communicatiemiddel. Daarnaast gebruiken ook talloze bedrijven de App op een onofficiële manier voor het uitwisselen van informatie. Vanaf vandaag komt daar verandering in en krijgen ook bedrijven toegang tot een officieel zakelijk account op WhatsApp, en KLM is een van de eerste! De bedoeling is dat reizigers die met KLM vliegen via WhatsApp in tien talen hun boekingsbevestiging kunnen bekijken, incheckmelding, incheckkaart en vluchtwijzigingen ontvangen. Reizigers die van de dienst gebruik willen maken kunnen dat bij hun boeking aangeven. Ook is het mogelijk om KLM toe te voegen aan hun contacten.

Aantal hotelovernachtingen neemt toe ondanks opkomst verhuursites
Het aantal hotelovernachtingen is opnieuw toegenomen. Ondanks de populariteit van particuliere verhuursites, lag het aantal overnachtingen in ‘gewone’ hotels de eerste helft van 2017 9 procent hoger dan een jaar eerder. Dat meldt het Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS) vrijdag. De groei komt vooral van buitenlanders. Hotels verwelkomden de eerste zes maanden van dit jaar bijvoorbeeld 19 procent meer Duitsers. Zij vormen al jaren de grootste groep buitenlandse gasten, gevolgd door Britten, Amerikanen en Belgen. Na enkele jaren daling is het aantal Russische gasten begin dit jaar weer sterk toegenomen: 45 procent.

Meer passagiers, maar minder vracht voor KLM
Ruim drie miljoen passagiers zijn in augustus aan boord van een KLM-toestel gestapt. Dat waren er 6,4 procent meer dan in dezelfde periode vorig jaar. Bij de vrachtdivisie van KLM was sprake van een verdere daling van het vrachtvervoer met 2,8 procent op jaarbasis. Air France-KLM meldt verder dat de ticketprijzen ook in augustus duidelijk hoger lagen dan een jaar eerder. Het bedrijf liet bij de presentatie van de halfjaarcijfers in juli al weten, in tegenstelling tot sommige branchegenoten, voor de rest van dit jaar een verdere stijging te voorzien.

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